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Training doesn't have to be expensive!

While many organisations do train their staff, many do not train holistically and systematically, meaning that results are often adhoc and often don't have the desired impact.
ETAS Group will work with your team to identify opportunities to streamline training and minimise costs through initiatives including:
• Customised training programs
• Traineeships
• Auspicing of qualifications
• Tapping into government funding (eg Priorty Industry Training)


A traineeship is a full-time or part-time employment based training arrangement. A trainee can be a new or existing worker. During the course of a traineeship, a trainee undertakes training and work based assessments to develop new skills or gain recognition for existing knowledge or skills. On successful completion, the trainee earns a nationally recognised qualification. Depending on the length of employment and the traineeship, your organisation may be eligible for government funded employer subsidies including payroll tax exemptions – currently at 5.5%.

ETAS Group always endeavours to make traineeship programs cost-neutral for our clients. This is dependent on the majority of participants meeting the eligibility requirements for the traineeship program.
Who Can Be a Trainee?
A "new worker" is considered to be:
• A full time employee engaged for less than three months
• A part time employee engaged for less than 12 months
• Be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident
• Work for a minimum of 20 hours per week

An existing worker – is any employee that has been employed for longer than three months full time.

If the participant is under 25 years of age the State Government may cover the training fees. If the trainee has a prior qualification or the traineeship does not meet Commonwealth Guidelines then the employer subsidy may not apply.

Final eligibility is determined by an Australian Apprenticeship Centre. All employees who are accepted as either funded or unfunded trainees will enable your organisation to apply for payroll tax exemptions.

Qualifications Available Under Traineeship Arrangements
There are presently over 500 qualifications that can be traineeships (as well as over 100 Apprenticeships). 

To find out more information about traineeships please contact our team who will be able to advise which would be the most suitable qualification for your needs. 

Auspicing of qualifications

Another method of reducing training costs is to utilise the skills and knowledge inside your organisation and do some of the training yourself.
ETAS Group can work with your team to develop the training program, upskill and support nominated trainers and issue the final qualification, whilst minimising disruption to your day to day business.

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