ETAS Group is a leading provider of training solutions and has been delivering successful outcomes across a wide range of disciplines to a broad range of industries since 1994. We provide training services, issue nationally recognised qualifications and have been involved in developing and implementing various training programs both in Australia and Internationally.

Projects include:

  • Development of training systems
  • Consultancy of  learning and assessment requirements
  • Implementation of training solutions
  • Training needs analysis activities
  • Contextualisation of training and assessment materials to specific needs
  • Development of career pathway programs linked to competencies and qualifications
  • Management of traineeship programs
  • Delivery of management qualifications
  • Delivery of training and assessment qualifications
  • Auspicing of qualifications

Being a private training provider means that we can be flexible and responsive. ETAS Group  is large enough to be able to implement the necessary activities, and flexible enough that we can adapt to changing demands efficiently ensuring the success of our projects.

Through collaborative work with our clients to ensure that each organisation's unique training needs are met, ETAS Group has become the RTO of choice for innovative partnerships with Australian and international companies.

Our student completion success rate reflects the vast experience and passion in training of ETAS Group facilitators. We commend our facilitators on their ability to adapt their training methods to suit and meet the needs of individual learners while maintaining the objectives of the company.

WHAT MAKES US different FROM other training providers?

ETAS Group uses its 20 years of experience working with Mining and Construction organisations to contextualise qualifications to meet your business requirements. Our courses maximise class time – meaning minimal or only essential criteria need to be completed outside of class. This leads to instant return on investment as outcomes are immediately achieved while providing minimal disruption to production related activities.

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