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ETAS Group delivers Nationally Accredited Training to the Australian VET Standards - successfully qualifying thousands of people in Australia and Internationally across a range of qualifications since 1994.

We provide flexible training and education programs tailored to the needs of each business.

As an accredited training provider we individualise training and development solutions to suit workplace schedules, locations and timeframes.

Notice about 2017 training dates: 

Please be advised that these are likely to change as we implement the new TAE40116 qualification.

We have submitted our application to the Training Accreditation Council and are pleased to announce that we are the first RTO to have done so. As such, we are working closely with TAC to navigate this process as there are significant changes in the new qualification and requirements for RTOs. As soon as we can, we will release the dates for the new qualification.

Need to get someone trained in the meantime? That's ok - TAE40110 is still the current qualification.

The VET legislation currently states that the TAE40110 OR its successor (being TAE40116) is the required qualification for those delivering training/conducting assessments.

At present the Australian Industry Skills Council is not requiring existing trainers to upgrade to the new qualification. Should this change in the future, there will most likely be an implementation period, and ETAS Group will make any "upgrade" or "transition" process as smooth as possible.

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